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Affordable Treatment


  • CSO CLEAR Aligner Treatment provided by Local Orthodontists! 
  • Lower Cost. Superior Results.
  • Multiple Scan Center Locations
  • Only 2-3 office visits neccesary during treatment.
  • Average treatment time is less than 6 months! Wow!
  • Free Exam with Xrays and 3D Scan! See your 3D smile simulation at your first appointment.       
  • Easy Financing that works for every budget!  
  • Seriously. How much better can it get?

Experience Matters


  • Dr. Chris & Dr. Jeff have been treating their patients with in-house clear aligners for 7+ years.
  • Every smile is different. In our experience here are some things we realize truly matter.......
  • Xrays can tell us if there are any underlying problems that could be encountered
  • Digital Scans are great, but are no substitute for evaluating your dental health in person.
  • At CSO you will receive the Highest Quality Treatment from local Doctors you can trust.

Let's Be Clear!


  • No Credit Check!
  • Customized Treatment Plan that's right for You!
  • Clear Easy Payment Options!
  • Higher Quality Treatment at a lower price than any of the direct to consumer aligner companies!
  • Save Time w/ Minimal In-office Visits!
  • No Impressions!
  • Plain and Simple. If you're interested in at home aligners let a trusted local orthodontist evaluate your smile for free before jeopardizing your oral health.


*Treatment lengths can vary depending on the complexity of the case & compliancy of the patient. a doctor will review your scan & Xrays to make sure you will qualify for this type of treatment. *in most cases We can customize your payment plan to meet your needs. Above you are shown the minimum monthly payment amounts and maximum term lengths available for each level of treatment. If you prefer to shorten your payment terms our staff will be glad to help you customize your personal payment plan .



How Do I Get Started?

  • Book Your Free Scan & CBCT/XRAY Evaluation  at our Shreveport or Bossier Scan Center.
  • Sit Back. Relax. Visit the Coffee Bar ;)
  • Our Doctors will review your information to determine if you are a candidate for CSO CLEAR Aligners.
  • Our team will present the treatment plans available to you during your appointment. 



How Aligners Work?

Today you are constantly bombarded with ways to achieve straight teeth. Aligners offer a clear & convenient method of gently moving teeth into the proper location without the need for braces. CSO CLEAR Aligners offer a Faster, More Effective & Smarter way to smile confidently. Since we are being Clear ;) with each other don't risk your dental health. See a local orthodontist for less $$ than any at home aligner company. We promise transparency, clear payment options and a Fun place to get a Great smile!


Get More & Pay Less!

We provide quality and personalized oral health care while keeping your individuality in mind. Our goal is to improve and maintain your oral health so you can smile with confidence. We know you want transparency when it comes to your treatment options. That is exactly what you will get when you visit any CSO location. Quick & Convenient Appointments. CSO offers a full array of Orthodontic & Airway services.  Click below to find out more about Cosse & Silmon Orthodontics!

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